Silver Medal

The 2019 Silver Medal Award Winner is Susan Hogen! 

The Silver Medal Award is awarded annually to an individual who has helped raise the stature of the advertising industry. We invite you to submit the names of worthy individuals for consideration of this prestigious honor!

Prepare a Silver Medal Nomination for a deserving individual today. It’s the best way to say, “Thank you for all you have done and are doing for this industry, club and community.”

Nominate a Deserving Individual Today

Nominations Closed for 2020


Please resubmit any previous nominations so we can evaluate the most current information for each candidate. We keep past nominations on file for a few years only. If you’re not sure if your nomination application is current, please contact us at:

List of Past Silver Medalists

Bob Owens
Manny Marget
Dick Kaye
Chuck Bohnet
Roy Thoreson
Bill Snyder
Bill Moher
John McDonough
Grace Hudson
Russ Lane
Roy Pedersen
Fred Froeschle

Harold Flint
Howard Binford
Harriet Morinville
David Hetland
Gary Decker
Lee Massey
Lee Stewart
Jack Dunn
Beverly Austin
David Braton
Larry Gauper
Steve Gorman

Glenda Larson
Greg Ness
Ken Promersberger
Paul Severson
Jim Gompf
Roger Reierson
Mary Ann & Art Philips
Ron Olson
Kathy Leingang
Shannon Charpentier
Bill Marcil, Sr.

Donovan Kolness
Dave Hanson
Spider Johnk
Steve Germaine
Tom Tollefson
Brian Quigley
Kim Kemmer
Dave Swang
Chris Hagen
James Murray
Marv Bossart
John Borge

Norm Robinson
Dan Michaels
Mike Lerfald
Jerry Connelly
Dan Lien
Bill Hall
Brad Clemenson
Shawn Tennyson
Pat Finken
Kim Ouren
Dawn Koranda