Noah It All Zoom Trivia: Frequently Asked Questions

Trivia: AAF-ND’s Solution to 2020 Boredom The month was May, the year 2020. Times were bleak: working from home was the norm and young professionals were getting tired of being cooped up inside their homes. (Thanks, Covid.) The lack of social events and gatherings took its toll on even the most introverted folks. We needed ...
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Addy Awards

The Folks Behind The Awards

Introducing AAF-ND’s Trusted Vendor for the ADDYs Putting on the American Advertising Awards is no small task. But, as my good friend and Co-Chair of this year’s Addy Committee (Bill Lempe) noted: when it all goes well, we party afterwards. Somewhere during the after party, I got to thinking about all of the people that ...
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