Mentorship Program

Supporting area advertising & design students through mentorship.

AAF-ND wants to support your education and growth as a creative, and eventually an advertising professional. Our members are here to provide mentorship as you advance through your education and approach working in the field. They want to share their knowledge to strengthen your success!


We envision a mentorship relationship that includes facilitating student professional development through activities such as informal informational meetings, advice, insights and encouragement, as well as connections to other mentors, colleagues and professional networks.

Meet with your mentee/mentor a few times per year:

  • Meet once during each semester to discuss classwork and its professional application.
  • Attend two AAF-ND luncheons per year together
  • Attend one AAF-ND social event together
  • Attend a professional meeting together to experience client-based work flow
  • Meet as needed and desired!

Our Latest Events and Opportunities

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