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Noah It All Zoom Trivia: Frequently Asked Questions

Trivia: AAF-ND’s Solution to 2020 Boredom

The month was May, the year 2020. Times were bleak: working from home was the norm and young professionals were getting tired of being cooped up inside their homes. (Thanks, Covid.) The lack of social events and gatherings took its toll on even the most introverted folks. We needed something exciting to do during our blah-blah days. There’s only so much Netflix to be watched!

In an effort to escape the mundane Zoom-filled WFH routine, the AAF-ND team decided to spice things up and throw a virtual trivia party. What started as a one-off random event quickly became a recurring function that everyone now looks forward to. Every other Wednesday, we *virtually* gather to socialize, answer fun trivia questions, and win prizes.

Have a question about AAF-ND’s trivia events? You’re not alone! Here are some of the most common questions we receive when it comes to “Noah It All” trivia. If these still don’t answer your questions, feel free to send an email and we’ll help you out.


Is trivia for AAF members only?

No! AAF trivia is open to AAF members, friends, family, strangers, etc.


What can I expect if I’ve never been to AAF trivia before?

Clever commentary, well-rounded questions, and an all-around casual, fun time.


What platform is trivia on?

You’ll need Zoom to see the hosts and participants, and a web browser to answer the questions.


Do I need to have my camera on?

Nope! We’ll miss your face, though.


What if I’m bad at trivia?

There are trivia questions of all kinds, so no one is bad at trivia! Plus, it’s a fun way to learn new things.


How long does a game take?

A standard game of AAF trivia is three rounds: general trivia, advertising-related trivia, and logos. A full game usually takes about an hour.


Who are the hosts?

Trivia is hosted by our president, Bill Lempe, and our second vice president Noah Ford-Dunker. We guarantee comedic banter and plenty of smart-aleck commentaries.


Can everyone see my answers?

Nope! Everything is anonymous. Some questions are multiple-choice and some are fill in the blank.


What can I win?

Gift cards to local businesses!


How do I sign up?

Get your free tickets through Eventbrite or the Facebook event.


Where is my Zoom link?

The Zoom link should show up in your Eventbrite reminder email. If it doesn’t, shoot us a message on Facebook.


Where can I send my feedback and trivia ideas?

Please send your feedback and trivia ideas to us at


We hope you’ll join us for the next trivia event! They’re a great way to break up your week and give you an opportunity to connect with other fun people. Keep an eye on our Facebook page to sign up for the next event!


Written By: Jenessa McAllister
Social Committee Co-Chair, 2020-21
American Advertising Federation of North Dakota